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It was a dream come true to open an authentic, traditional Indian restaurant in Hong Kong for a father and son who have been in the city for as long as they can remember.

In 1985, Jojo Mess Club first opened in Wanchai, successfully winning the hearts of many first-time diners who turned into patrons because of the quality food and service.

And because of their unwavering support, the second restaurant opened in the Bank of America a decade later, with the third setting foot in Causeway Bayˇ¦s Fashion Walk in 1999.

Jojo has become one of this ever-buzzing cityˇ¦s most successful Indian restaurants, along side Jashan, which is also under the Uppals.

At the peak of success, Mr. Singh decided to expand and opened a restaurant in Sai Kung, under the flagship of Bacco, a one storey Indian eatery, commanding the fantastic panoramic view of Sai Kung.

On arrival, you can enjoy an aperitif at the pre-dinner wine bar, getting yourself comfortable with the furniture.

The restaurant itself offers stylish surroundings, providing an informal and relaxing ambiance of bar and restaurant, whether itˇ¦s for business, family, friends or a romantic meal.